Before you VOTE, Pray, Fast and pray then vote by Pastor Jentenzen

Finding God in Silicon Valley

Apostle Das Teaching on Serving God

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Press Statement from Myles Munroe Family by Chairo Myles Munroe Jr

The Seven Wonders of Heaven -Message by Pastor Jentenzen Franklin

Jay Sekulow ISIS Killing Christians - Sekulow Ep. 318

Members of This Religion Group Live Longer than Most Americans

"Light The Way" Worship Night Live Recording at Jubilee Christian Church Boston

Declare Your Home and Business Blessed Message by Dr. Cindy Trimm

Psalms of David Music -David Asaph Project

Mahmood, Naeem Fazal and Love Found in Religious Transformation

The Rain is Coming. Drought is Coming to an END

Public Official: I Would Go to Jail over Jesus' Name

Pastor Rick Warren Teaching on "Gentleness"

Christian Woman in Sudan Sentenced to Death because of her Faith

The Founding of Israel -Documentary Chronicles Memories of Israel's Founding

Divorce Shocker: Most Marriages Do Make It -80 Percent of Marriages are Happily Married

The Soil of Your Soul - Pastor Andy Thompson

A Christian Employee Encourages Employer in Rough Times Company Makes Millions

Breaking The Patterns That Block Your Vision by Paula White

Michael W. Smith -You Wont Let Go

Jesse Duplantis -Its Your Job To Serve Your Generation

Pastor Andy Thompson -The Love Test

Overcoming Silent Frustration -Bishop TD Jakes

Homosexuality - A Discussion Between Pastor Steve Berger and David Kyle Foster

Questions and Gaps on Life -Former NFL Player Leonce Crump

 The Holy Spirit - An Introduction by John Bevere


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